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About Me
Since graduating from Roberto Venn School of Luthiery in 1978, the quest to understand what makes great guitars was instilled and continues to intrigue me. The careful blending of fine tone woods and old world craftsmanship (I still mainly use hand tools) lays the foundation for the sonic and aesthetic qualities that define a Branzell Guitar.

After Roberto Venn I was hired by Greg Golden owner of Bizarre Guitar in Reno Nevada and functioned as Bizarre’s luthier for eight years. Greg is a collector of vintage acoustic and electric guitars, and most all of the vintage instruments acquired while at Bizarre came across my workbench for repairs and adjustments. A great deal was learned as to what makes the good ones good and others not so good.

There are processes that I have arrived at that produce “the good ones”. Volume, balance and rich
tone now come with consistent predictability. I recall my early days as a builder and successfully
completing a couple of pretty decent “looking” guitars. I thought I could profess myself a luthier!
Indeed I did view my “skills” at the time with a somewhat hubris attitude. Well, that mind set was
squashed rather quickly and I settled into the real world of being a student of the craft.
Consistency is a by-product of over 30 years of obsession and experience. The trials, the errors,
the failures and redo’s are among the finest tools a luthier can acquire.

Your Branzell Guitar will be built with over three decades of experience, commitment
and some “earned hubris”.