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I was a repairman before I was a builder. The first job landed on the bench in 1978. Repairs have proven to be such a useful learning tool over the years and I still enjoy the diverse tasks this part of my business presents. Guitar makers with a repair background have the advantage of evaluating many instruments and using that knowledge to produce better guitars
I can professionally accomplish everything from installing a strap button to re-topping or restoring. Restorations are darn near as rewarding as building and in fact they are often more challenging.
On this page you can see an acoustic with some serious damage resurrected at Branzell Guitars.
Please contact me if you are interested in getting your work done on my bench. With the Internet and some pics if need be I can give you an estimate quickly.  At some point in the future bread and butter repair tasks and prices will be posted.
Owner put his knee through the top of this Martin Slope D. A new top is in order. This is one of the most challenging restoration tasks a luthier will see.

Repair Completed