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Long before I started building guitars I played music professionally and in 1982 I was introduced to Luthier Gary Branzell. He was making outstanding electric guitars at that time for many pros including Pat Travers, so I commissioned one myself. The Flying V Gary made for me is a prized part of my electric guitar collection to this day. Well music careers come and go but my experience meeting Gary helped influence my desire to build instruments. After loosing touch for many years I looked Gary up and was pleased to see he was still in the craft and making beautiful acoustic guitars now. His level of craftsmanship is outstanding to say the least. I believe Gary’s passion for music, luthiery and the great outdoors give him an edge the rest of can just keep striving for.
A few years ago, Gary made a wonderful 000 size custom guitar for me. For 12 years I was in charge of the instrument collection at the Country Music Hall of Fame where I saw and played some of the finest historical and contemporary instruments not only in the museum’s collection but also many that passed through the local scene,” such as those at Gruhn’s guitars and those of other makers like Wayne Henderson. I can truthfully say this is the finest sounding guitar I have played and I am ecstatic to be privileged to own it. Gary is truly one of the most gifted luthiers of our time and I can’t recommend his instruments highly enough.
Charlie Seeman
Executive Director, Western Folklife Center, Elko NV
I met Gary Branzell almost a decade ago through another musician contact. At the time I was not in the market for a custom bass, I just wanted my current Fender and my acoustic fretless set up to play properly; the work he did then was beyond what I conceived. Both instruments played, and play, wonderfully. I wanted a custom bass built and let Gary know I was looking to a Virginia builder; he wanted to know why I was not looking closer to home. After being set straight I ordered, what Gary called, a tone machine. The work of art I received far exceeded my expectations for a machine. The instrument is a precision tool of the highest quality and aesthetics. Thanks to Branzell Guitars I have a bass which will last me the rest of my life. I smile every time I remove it from the custom case.
John Tierney